About Us

Mogostyle Concept

Circle = Design
Heart = Essence

Design is way to show that essence to the world. Without the heart, the design has no value. So it was natural that we decided to put our efforts into making mogos, because with every mogo design, there's always a heart (that's you).

But design has a purpose, too. It's to protect the heart. Showing yourself to the world takes courage. And when you do it you want to be at your very best. The aim of mogo design is to represent the best of who you are, so you can safely present yourself to the world.

Who We Are

Mizuki Osawa
The Creative One

Born in Tokyo, raised in Italy, and a lover of history. The father of the mogostyle concept and the creator of mogos, Mizuki studied environmental design at the University of California, Berkeley. At the time, he formed design teams and participated in design and architectural competitions, proceeding to receive second place at the Central Glass International Architectural Design Competition. After graduating, he took part in the planning of large-scale office campuses while at an architecture firm based in San Francisco.

Embracing a love for both management and design, he founded the DesignMe business after returning to Japan. And there, after a chance meeting with Raiman on the streets of Roppongi, they hit it off with the initial idea of the mogo, and mogostyle was born.

Raiman Au
The Flashy One

Freely manipulating the languages of English, Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, and French, Raiman is a Hong Kongese American. Graduating from the University of California while majoring in languages, he makes good use of his communication abilities to expand mogostyle among other things (including making the website!).

A lover of fashion, design, and freedom, he believes that "design is about taking different elements, putting them together in harmony with their environment, and creating someting beautiful." And based on the concept that "when the outside is beautiful, you start to want to see the beauty within," he puts his time an energy into mogostyle.

Fumiko Iwatsubo
The Literate One

A lover of design, fashion, ancient literature, and folkore. Fumiko majored in fiction writing at Waseda University in Japan, and after graduation gained experience working as an editor in an art-focused publishing company.

Along her jouney, she received an unexpected invitation by Raiman and became part of the fun, spectacular, and so-passionate-that-they-have-8-hour-meetings mogostyle team. As the copywriter for our Japanese website, she loves all things creative and is quite the creator herself. In addition to copywriting, she quite the marketer as well.