Privacy Policy

We understand that your information is important to you, and so we're going to be super straight forward in telling you how we're going to use it. In summary: we won't use your information in any way except to process your order.

What information do we collect?
How do we collect it, and how do we use it?

The easiest way to explain this is to go by the ways we get your information:

  1. Browsing data via Google Anayltics.
  2. Contact information via the contact form.
  3. Personal data via our mogo order form.
  4. Personal data via the payment process at PayPal.

Browsing data via Google Anayltics.

Browsing data is basically the information we use to find out how many people are actually visiting our site! It also includes when they came and where they came from. All of this is anonymous, though, so we don't know who is who. We just keep track of this information as a way of measuring how we're doing. Check out the google analytics page for more information if you're interested:

Contact information via the contact form.

This is your name, email, and message. We just use the information to get back in contact with you.

Personal data via our mogo order form.

The information we collect through the order form is simply what we need to complete your mogo order for you. To be specific, we collect:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Your photo
  • Your mogo color preference
  • Additional comments

All of this is filled out by you on the website. When you press the submit button, the information submitted to us via Pandaform (a business that generates online forms at The information is stored there, and we use it to create your mogo and then send the finished product to you via your email. We also use it to contact you in case something comes up in the process of delivering your mogo. The Pandaform system generates an email confirmation to you as well, using the same information.

Personal data via the payment process at PayPal.

Some information is sent to us after you make a payment through PayPal, the payment gateway that we use here. What we get is the contact information you fill out when you register at or use PayPal. The information lets us confirm that you're a real person and to contact you if needed. We DO NOT gain access to any credit card or bank account numbers. These are all protected by PayPal. The specifics can be found at the PayPal website:

What control do you as the customer have over your personal information?

When you submit information to us, you are allowing us to use and store it in the ways we've written out here in the privacy policy. We won't use it in any other way. That being said, we'll glady delete all the personal information we have on file for you at your request! Contact us via the contact form.

How do we protect the information?

The information submitted directly through our website is not encrypted, but is stored on secure severs at Pandaform. All information submitted and stored via PayPal is encrypted and secured stored on the PayPal severs.

Nothing hidden.

We use your information as it's written in the policy. If it's not there, we won't be doing it. No hidden marketing or sale of your information. And if anything is unclear, just let us know. We're committed to protecting your privacy.

Mogo ownership.

Mogos are the artistic property of mogostyle, even after the purchase and delivery of the mogo to you, the customer. By purchasing a mogo you are paying for:

  • The creation of the mogo by mogostyle.
  • The right to use it personally or commercially.

Mogostyle WILL NOT, however, use mogos in any way without the permission of their purchasers.